Keeping Pet Chickens


A Guide To Keeping Chickens At Home

Keeping Pet Chickens At Home

Keeping Pet Chickens, A Rewarding Hobby

chicken keepingKeeping pet chickens is great fun and relaxing at the same time. They make productive pets and they’re definitely a magnet for children. 

On returning home after a stressful day you can become instantly relaxed by the greeting your feathered friends will show you.

Hens are relatively inexpensive to feed or look after and they certainly won’t become a burden on your time, as they need just a little attention to keep them in great condition.

Of course, best of all, your chooks will supply you with beautiful fresh eggs for you, your family and friends. You’ll also have the gift of them producing excellent  manure for your home garden.

Chicken Keeping Is A Joy For The Whole Family

keeping pet chickensCan you imagine your children naming the baby chicks and then help nurturing them into fully matured egg laying chickens? What better way could there be of introducing your family, first hand to nature, by keeping chickens at home.

But of course it’s not just the children who’ll get great enjoyment from raising chickens… You’ll soon be spotting the different characters within your birds and recognising who rules the roost when your hens sort out the pecking order within your flock. 

It’s also great fun (and gives your neighbours something to talk about) when you dash out,  still in your pyjamas, to the coop and grab a couple of warm fresh eggs for your breakfast…

How To Become A Chicken Keeper

Have you always had the desire to become a chicken keeper, but not know where to start? After all there are so many aspects to consider…

  • How much space do you require for your flock?
  • Which hen breeds to choose?
  • How many chooks should you have?
  • What size chicken coop do you need?
  • What chicken feed should you buy?
  • What regulations do you need to follow?
  • Which is the best poultry equipment to use?
  • How to recognise and cure chicken diseases.
  • How to breed and raise your pet chickens.

The list goes on…

Help With Raising Chickens

Now the last thing I want to do, is to scare you off from taking the first step to keeping pet chickens and prevent you from enjoying this marvellous hobby…

So I’ve put together this site to answer your poultry related questions before they even arise. I want to steer you through the theory and practical aspects of chicken keeping so you, and more importantly the hens you adopt, can enjoy the delights of a happy flock…

How To Use ‘Keeping Pet Chickens Site’…

The best way for you to use this site is to check out the Sidebar over on the right hand side. There you’ll find the Chicken Keeping Latest Posts and Looking After Chickens Categories (rather like an index in a book). You’ll be able to browse through the different posts and categories to find the answers to your questions (New posts will be continually added).

Throughout the different posts or pages you’ll see some links that look like this one (highlighted in green)  ‘Learn about Silkie Chickens ’  just click on these to discover more information on that topic.

Finally if you have any questions or comments, just fill out the boxes at the bottom of the posts or send your question in the Contact Us form.

So, get ready to enjoy this site and start off on your rewarding journey of Keeping Pet Chickens…

Enjoy Your Pet Chickens As Christian Obviously Does…

As you’ll have seen in the video, chickens are so much more than just an egg producer. They truly are family pets that will keep you amused with their intelligent behaviour and clucking around your garden.

You’ll be surprised that after your friends have visited your girls, they’ll soon start asking “How can I start to keep chickens in the backyard?”

Who knows when you get a little more experienced, you too could be holding hen parties, to educate your friends on the fantastic hobby of keeping pet chickens…

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  6. chickenlove Says:

    Cool ideas on this site, thanks. I honestly took the plunge and got me some chickens last week! Now I have more eggs than I know what to do with!. You might like these egg recipes.

  7. Spiti Skylou Says:

    Keeping pet chickens is fun and usefull , as you allways have fresh eggs for example! But chickens also need care and the right place to live

  8. Brenda Helm Says:

    I love my girls very much and there is no law in our town forbidding chickens. Regardless, the town found us in violation of the word “farm”, fined us nearly $4,000, and gave my husband 72hrs to take my babies away from me and put them in a rescue ranch. My heart is breaking! We are appealing the decision, and introducing revisions to the town code to preserve the rights of citizens to have pet chickens. Please join us, send a letter, sign the petition, and help protect land-owner and chicken-lover rights!

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