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Building Chicken Coops With Step By Step Plans

September 13th, 2011 at 8:22

Building Chicken Coops By An Experienced Chicken Keeper.

Building Chicken Coops BookMy first recommendation for Building Chicken Coops, will take you by the hand and guide you through what you may wrongly think is an arduous task beyond your skills.

You will soon understand that all the ‘hard work’ has been completed for you, for instance once you’ve chosen the chicken coop to suit you and your chickens, you’ll be shown that building the chicken coop is so straightforward.

You’ll soon discover what materials to use, with all the dimensions already carefullly calculated. If you’re a little worried about cutting the lumbar to the correct size, worry not… 

You can simply take the dimensioned material list to a lumbar yard or hardware store, where they’ll be happy to make all the parts for a small cost.

There are simple instructions on how to:

  • Position your coop.
  • Protect it from the weather, wherever you live.
  • Install lighting if you require it.
  • Keep predators from getting in the coop.
  • Learn all about nestboxes and perches.
  • The list goes on… Click here to read more

One other great point about Building Chicken Coops is the author, who happens to be an experienced chicken keeper, doesn’t assume you’ve got a carpenters cabinet of tools. The tools they recommend are simple everyday tools like hammers and screwdrivers that most of us have laying about in our garage or outbuildings. More importantly you don’t need to know anything about carpentry to build your coop…

>>>>>CLICK HERE to visit the site<<<<<

Choose The Coop Size That Suits You.

Building Chicken Coops Plans For Chicken ArkOnce you get your color plans and simple to follow instructions, you can choose from a load of different sizes and shapes. If you’re looking for a portable chicken ark or tractor, then choose the size, that suits you. There are plans from a small self contained chicken coop for 3 or 4 chooks, up to a complete chicken barn for 50 hens.

It can be a bit messy building chicken coops and your blueprints can get muddy, wet or even blown away, but don’t worry you’ll be able to download as many copies as you want.

>>>>>CLICK HERE to discover more<<<<<

All Of The Coop Plans  Are Yours To Keep.

building chicken coops for 5 hensAnother point I like is, if you’re starting off small with a coop for 2 or 4 hens and then find you want to add some more pet chickens at a later date, then you’ll be able to choose a bigger coop plan from your library.

 So you’ll never have to worry about getting new designs, plans and simple instructions again.

And remember, all of these designs, plans and instructions come from someone who has been keeping and understands chickens for many years, so each design is created with your girls safety, comfort and wellbeing at the forefront.

>>>>>CLICK HERE for Building Chicken Coops Plans<<<<<

So What’s Missing?

Well, the only thing missing from this building chicken coops manual, is there aren’t any videos which show you how to construct everything. I know some people prefer to watch videos on how to do things, but in all honesty Bill Keene’s instructions are so simple to follow that having videos would be a bit of an overkill.

Plans for Building Chicken Coops

Bill will also give you a lot of Free Gifts that using his vast experience of poultry keeping, will help teach you where to position your coop to prevent rotting;  the cheapest materials to use for a quality coop; different floor structures to use depending on the climate where you live; what to use to make cleaning simple and much, much more…

>>>>>CLICK HERE to read more about the FREE GIFTS<<<<<

What Are Others Saying?

Once you’ve built your chicken coop, you’ll be proud to show it off to friends and neighbours and will only have kind words to say about the Building Chicken Coops guide, just like:

Tracyann – Amateur Chicken Farmer – Devon, UK. who says “The drawings and diagrams are easy to interpret and the lists of materials and tools needed are very helpful. Keene also appreciates that the value of using recycled materials in your chicken coop – cheap and environmentally friendly…” Read More 

or Rachana Misra – Go Green Farms™ Owner, who says “Like me, it will help you too to choose the appropriate size, building design and materials for construction. This book not only helps you save while you build, but also enjoy the freedom to customize the coop to your individual specifications and needs. With valuable inputs on light and ventilation, I was able to ensure that the coop position was such that it allowed enough light in, but did not make the coop draughty…” Read More

 No Risk To You Whatsoever…

Bill Keene is so confident that you’ll be able to create the right coop for you and your chooks, he will give you a full 60 days to review the designs, plans and instructions. If on the very slim chance they’re not for you, then he’ll give you all of your small investment back, no questions asked.

Go and visit Building Chicken Coops site now and create the chicken coop that will be perfect for you and your chickens.

>>>>> CLICK HERE to Visit Building Chicken Coops Site<<<<<

P.S. I’d also love to see some photos of your coops, when you’ve completed  them, so drop me a mail through the Contact Us page.

Here’s a video tip on training your chickens to lay in your newly built coops nest box:


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3 Responses to “Building Chicken Coops With Step By Step Plans”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Hey, thanks for this great heads up. I took your advice and got the book and plans. Last weekend we finished a great coop for our 5 hens, we chose the coop that has the bedroom above the run. Our friends couldn’t believe we done it all by ourselves as it looks so professional. We’ll send you a photo when this rain gives up. Ronnie and Hazel

  2. Chicken Coop Designs And Plans | Simple Step-By-Step Plans Says:

    [...] Where you’ll discover simple color plans that even a child could understand, CLICK HERE to read my review. [...]

  3. Michael A. Morrisey Says:

    I found this book to cover all the basics, not only what your chickens require; but, also what you’ll need to build a basic coop. It covers the basic carpentry skills and tools needed to build 5 coops; from the Minimal to the Walk-In; suitable for small flocks. Not only that, it also explains the why’s for each aspect of construction and use of tools.

    As for your chickens, if you follow the suggestions in the book, you’ll have a happy flock. Roosts, nest boxes, ramps, lighting, ventilation are all covered in detail; as well as suitable materials for each.

    The plans given are very basic, so if your looking for a coop with a bit more style such as Victorian or Country Cottage you won’t find it here. However, with the information in this book, you can easily use a shed or playhouse plan and using the information in the this book, adapt the plan for chickens.

    Overall it’s a good baisc book with a lot of information for the backyard coop builder.

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