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Chicken Coop Kits, Easily Build Your Chicken Coop

October 4th, 2011 at 22:58

 Chicken Coop Kits, With Simple Instructions

Chicken_coop_kitsAnother great resource to build your own chicken coop is from Chicken Coop Kits. The variety of chicken coops you can choose from is vast, there are over 100 designs that you can download.

Each design has very simple and straightforward instructions plus the advantage of instructional videos (more about the videos later)

Not only do you get the building instructions, you’ll also discover some excellent tips, for example you should allow at least 3 square feet per chicken, plus some extra room for the feeder and water drinker.

So if you’ve been searching for some plans that go from small portable chicken coops up to large chicken barns, you’ll find them at Chicken Coop Kits

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About The Author Of ‘Chicken Coop Kits’ Karl Caden..

Karl is known as the ‘Chicken Care Guy’ due to his love of chickens and his extensive experience of keeping pet chickens. He has built up a network of chicken farmers and chicken coop designers to come up with his Chicken Coop Kits. You’ll discover in Karl’s easy to follow instructions:

  • Where to locate your chicken coop.
  • Decide what breeds of chicken to choose for your location.
  • Where to get all the materials for your coop.
  • How to keep the henhouse secure from predators.
  • The best place to site the nest-boxes.
  • How to create easy access to the coop for cleaning etc.
  • And much, much more.

Chicken Coop Kits Videos

When you download your blueprints and instructions, you will also get assembly instructions for the coop you choose. Karl’s given me access to one of the videos which shows ‘How To Build Harriets House’ Click the play button to watch the video:

>>>>>CLICK HERE to visit Chicken Coop Kits<<<<<

Chicken Coop Kits Has Over 100 Designs…

Chicken Coop Kits Ramp PerchWhatever size coop you’re searching for Karl’s got it covered as he’ll give you over 100 different designs to choose from. So you can choose whats best for your chickens, from a small portable coop all the way up to a large hen house building.

All the designs are aimed at keeping your pet chickens happy and healthy, which will give you a higher egg yield per hen. You also don’t have to worry about where to place the perches and ramps, because full instructions are included.

Each of the designs comes with a complete ‘bill of materials’  and cutting list, therefore to turn your building project into an easy kit assembly, you can take the lists down to your local hardware store and they can cut everything to size for you. That will take out all the time needed for measuring and cutting and help you get your coop together in record time.

>>>>>CLICK HERE to visit Chicken Coop Kits<<<<<

Any Issues With Chicken Coop Kits?

Well, it’s down to personal choice and dependant on the climate where you live, you see some of Karl’s plans use plywood for the outer walls. Now plywood can put up with severe weather conditions, I know, but from a personal choice I’d prefer to have a bit more protection and maybe a more cosmetic look.

So it’s very easy to overcome my reservations by simply cladding the plywood with some tongue and groove or even shingles. But like I said it really is a personal choice, that can very easily be put right.

 What Are Others Saying About Chicken Coop Kits?

Karl’s had a huge number of great testimonials from satisfied customers, here’s what just a couple are saying:

Lori Johnson from QLD, Australia says:
“Hi Karl. Thanks for such detailed plans on how to build chicken coops. Your chicken house plans were very easy to follow and it took us only a short afternoon to put our coop together… Read More

or Andrew Maubo from FL, USA who says:
“I’m very pleased to have downloaded your chicken coop plans from your site and I am thrilled as to everything inside. I didn’t really know what to expect at first as there are other books out there with dull and useless information however my hen house has turned out great. Read More

You Also Get Some Great Chicken Keeping Guides.

Not only will you get over 100 designs and instructions plus videos, you also get same great instructional chikcen keeping resources, such as

  • The Chicken Care Book, which will teach you all you need to know on how to raise healthy, full feathered chickens at home, it’s basically an A – Z of chicken keeping.
  • Chickens In Hot & Cold Climates. During heat waves and cold climates hens will usually lay far fewer eggs, however that’s just the tip of the iceberg, discover what temperatures are safe for your chooks.
  • Chicken Resources Toolbox. Get a load of great links to chicken feed suppliers, poultry magazines, local laws and regulations, plus much more
  • A load of super bonuses – Read More…

And of course like all my recommendations you’ll get a complete 60 day no quibble guarantee that you’ll love these plans or you get your small investment back.


Karl’s so certain you’ll want to get his plans he’s currently giving a 21 day trial period, where you can instantly download everything for just a small $4.97 processing fee. So after you’ve had a chance to review the plans and on the slimmest of chances they’re not for you, he’ll return your $4.97, so you’ve got nothing to lose in checking his great Chicken Coop Kits out.

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If you do take up Karl’s offer, please leave a comment below, to let me know how you got on and I’d also love to see any photos of your handywork…

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