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Budget Chicken Coop For 4 Or 5 Hens For Sale

February 16th, 2011 at 11:00

An Ideal Chicken Coop For The Novice Chicken Keeper.

A ‘Great Value For Money’ Hen House If You’re Just Starting Off As A Chicken Keeper.

Wooden Chicken Coop So you want to start keeping pet chickens and reap the benefits of your egg layers. But which chicken coop should you buy? Maybe you’re not sure if chicken keeping is for you, but you want to dip your toe in the water to find out.

You’ve probably searched the classifieds for cheap second hand coops, but not found anything suitable. After all most chicken fanciers expand their flocks rather than throw in the towel.

If you’re not an expert at DIY and don’t have the skills or maybe the time to purchase some DIY Chicken Coop plans and all the necessary materials, then I have a recommendation for you that wont break the bank or test out your construction skills.

Introducing The Pawhut Chicken Coop Hen House

pawhut chicken coop hen houseThis Chicken Coop is an ideal starter coop and will grace any back yard or garden. It’s generous dimensions (overall size 48″ wide 31.5″ deep 43″ high) will house 4 or 5 larger hens, or up to 10 bantams.

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This chicken coop only weighs 84lbs so can easily be moved by 2 people, using the 2 side handles, therefore you can move it around your garden from place to place. Also in colder regions, you can put your coop inside a garage or outbuilding during colder spells.

The hen house is constructed of fully treated and grooved wood and is finished off in a pleasant golden brown water based preservative. It arrives in a kit form and has very detailed instructions to follow for you to easily assemble the coop.

This Chicken Coop Has Some Great Features.

An important factor when choosing a chicken coop, is not just the suitability for your chickens, but just as important and often overlooked, is the ease of use for you.

After all you don’t want to be crawling around on hands and knees to collect you eggs or bending and stretching excessively to clean the coop.  Remember your hobby of keeping chickens should be a joy and not a chore.

easy clean chicken coop panThat’s why this coop is a great choice. A great feature is the slide out bottom pan, I’ve not seen this feature on other coops, (manufacturers should take note) this slide out pan makes it so easy to clean up all the droppings under the perches. The pan can easily be carried to the compost heap and emptied out.

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hen house side removalThats great for a daily clean out, but the side also comes away for when you want to give the coop a thorough clean out and wash down.

The removable coop side also gives easy access to your chickens feeders, drinkers, heat lamps etc. Also if you need to show your new young chooks where to roost at night, it’s easy to place them on the perches through this side access.

Egg Collecting Couldn’t Be Simpler.

nesting box accessThis chicken coop has a large nesting box which has 2 nest areas for your chooks to lay their eggs. Two nesting areas is more than adequate for your 4 or 5 hens as they obviously don’t all lay eggs at the same time.

The nesting area is raised off the floor, giving your hens the privacy they desire and saves you bending down and scrabbling about when collecting your breakfast.

chicken coop nest boxThe nesting box is hinged so you can access it very easily and ergonomically. The hinged lid also has a stay put catch so you can leave the cover in the upright position when you clean out the nesting boxes and replace bedding etc.


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Access And Ventilation.

catch for hen house doorIt is very important to have good ventilation in your chicken coop to prevent the build up of ammonia from the droppings. This coop has ventilation grills at the top rear of the coop. This is important as it keeps drafts and rain away from your chooks.

Access for your girls is by the provided ramp and through the sliding access door that can be kept open by the locking catch.

Dependant on the flightiness of your birds, it would be simple to attach a chicken run to the front of the coop or maybe just pop up a fence of a couple of feet height if your girls are not fliers.

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Slight Issues With This Chicken Coop.

This is a chicken coop at an exceptionally low price, but there are one or two problems with it that you could easily improve upon.

The lumbar it’s constructed from is not the hardiest, so ensure you keep it in good condition by treating it annualy with a safe wood preservative not only to keep it looking good but to prevent it weathering and becoming liable to rot. (Keep your birds well away from it when you do this and allow enough time for it to dry thoroughly.)

Personally I do not like a wooden roof on a chicken coop and suggest you add some shingles or waterproof panels to the roof to prevent it from leaking. You can easily find these materials at any hardware store.

If you live in an area that has predators that will seek out your chickens and eggs, then you should add a simple bolt to the sliding access door, so you can lock it in the closed position. This will prevent predators forcing the door upwards and gaining access to the inside of the coop.

All said and done this is a great chicken coop at a superb budget price, so take this opportunity and get your chicken coop, choose your chooks and start off on this fantastic hobby of Keeping Pet Chickens.

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