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Chicken Coop Ark For Sale For 3 Hens

February 22nd, 2011 at 14:54

“If You’re Searching For A Solid Portable Chicken Coop To House 3 Hens… This Is It.”

The Handcrafted Chicken Ark or Chicken Tractor That Provides A Great Coop & Run Design.

Handcrafted Chicken Ark For 3 HensI love this chicken coop due to its solid design and brilliant use of space. You can join hundreds of experienced chicken keepers who are overjoyed with their Handcrafted chicken ark and you can get this chicken tractor at an extremely affordable price.

The design is based on the British Chicken Ark, but with a twist, the chicken run is under the coop and therefore offers your chooks the benefit of plenty of room for roosting and nesting (12sqft) combined with the ‘downstairs space’ (16sqft) for exercising, eating and drinking. keeping your chooks safely away from the predators searching for chickens or their eggs.

This chicken coop can be purchased for just $499 today, that’s a saving of $200…

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This Chicken Coop Is Sturdy And Simple To Construct.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced chicken keeper, this coop is absolutely ideal for 3 hens or 5 bantams. If you have 5 hens or 7 bantams to house, then you’ll be pleased to know this fantastic design also comes in a larger size you can discover more by reading my review Chicken Coop For 5 hens

This Chicken Ark is constructed of plantation-grown, renewable Douglas Fir timber. Now you’ll know that Douglas Fir timber is a great solid wood, but did you know that the wood has the added benefit of a scent that repels insects, this is a great advantage that helps keep your chooks lice free.

The coop is delivered flat packed and it will only take an hour to construct, using the simple to follow instructions. It wont be long before you have your spacious portable coop gracing your backyard or garden. The dimensions are 60″ L x 50″ W x 42.5″ H and it weighs in at just 59lbs.

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Great Features Of This Hen House.

It couldn’t be simpler to keep this ark in tip-top condition, it comes ready stained with a non-toxic, low VOC, weather resistant paint which you can top up just once a year. (Please remember your girls should be removed and kept away from the coop until your paint has dried).

easy access to coopCleaning out couldn’t be easier either as the removable side door allows easy access to the upper roosting and nesting area, so no more bending and stretching to clean out the coop.

This removable side also makes it very easy to reach all areas of the coop when painting the inside or spraying for mites etc.

View of Inside Chicken CoopInside is a perch for your girls to roost on, plus a nest box, which they’ll take it in turns to lay your eggs in privacy. This coop is a snug place for your girls and the ventilation holes (necessary to avoid the build up of ammonia) are placed at the top of the ark to prevent your hens getting affected by drafts and rain. The more comfy and content your birds are, the more they’ll lay.

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 Easily Collect Eggs & Let Your Chooks Out To Roam.

door for run accessYou don’t have to worry about having to remove the large side door every time you wish to collect the eggs, this design has it all covered. At the front end of the coop you’ve got easy access to the nesting box as well as the run itself. You can see in the image how simple it is to release one catch to get your breakfast or drop down the front of the run and let your girls have access to your garden or yard.  It also makes it a doddle to access your feeders and drinkers to ensure the birds are never left hungry or thirsty.

You’ll also notice the ramp your chickens will use to go between the run and roost, this ladder can be raised at night to give extra protection for your chooks or just to keep them in the coop. 

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Extra Benefits…

rear of chicken arkDue to the roost area being above the run the ample 16sqft of run space will give your chooks the covered protection from rain and hot sun yet will allow them the daily access to sunlight they naturally require.

Also the rear of the coop is constructed completely of timber, so it’s a great idea to place your feeders up against this covered back wall to prevent the elements spoiling the costly feed you put out.

You’ll also notice in the image that running the full length of the coop are the 2 sturdy beams with carrying handles at each end. The complete house only weighs in at 59lbs. therefore two people can easily manage to move this coop around.

Moving the coop around your lawn or backyard, every few days allows your chickens to forage new areas and also provide you with some free fertiliser. You could joke with your friends that you have a portable lawn mower and fertiliser all in one.

Another advantage of this easy portability is that if you live in a cold region, you could carry your coop into an outhouse, garage or better protected area during severe weather conditions.

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Any Problems With This Coop?

Well, to be honest, I can’t find one thing wrong with this coop, but if you live in an area where the predators are good at digging, then you might have an issue with this coop, which can be easily fixed.

Handcraft coops state this chicken ark is predator proof, but like I stated, if you have critters around your region that are good at burrowing then you’ll want to add some extra protection to the run area.

This is achieved very easily, by simply getting some chicken wire from your local hardware dealer. You’ll require a sheet just over 60″ by 50″. Then simply lay the coop on it’s side and staple the chicken mesh to the bottom.

The chooks won’t mind walking about on the mesh and can easily peck through it for bugs and grass.

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On the other hand if you don’t want to make use of the coops portability and move it around your yard, you can cover the mesh with some sand and clean out the poop with a kitty litter scoop. your hens will also enjoy having dust baths in the sand.

ladder for chicken ark

All in all this is an excellent choice for you and your chooks. this hand-made ark is built with care, designed to last a generation. It offers a healthy home for your chickens – secure from predators and harsh environmental elements. Do yoursef and your hens a favor and purchase this coop at a 29% saving now…

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