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Large Chicken Coop Ark For 5 Hens

February 24th, 2011 at 17:31

“If You’re Searching For A Sturdy Chicken Coop For 5 Hens & You Want Portability Then Look No Further”

The Handcrafted Chicken Ark Incorporates A Coop & Run In The Same Space.

Handcrafted hen house for 5 chickensThis has to be the best design available to house 5 chickens or 7 bantams in a portable, space efficient, affordable chicken coop. This is the larger of the 2 Handcrafted chicken coops, if you only want to house 3 chickens or 5 bantams then check out my review Chicken House For 3 Hens.

The fantastic design for this coop has taken the original British chicken tractor and made it better. Your birds can roost in the upstairs dormitory and feed, exercise and forage downstairs.

The upper roosting area provides 18 sqft of space for shared roosting and
nesting activities, whilst the the coop’s lower covered-run provides 32 sq ft of open space allowing chickens daily access to sunlight while at the same time providing shelter from both rain and hot sun.

This coop can be bought today for just $799 thats a 20% saving on the RRP of $999.

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This Portable Coop Is Simple To Construct

You will not require any specialist woodworking skills to assemble this coop as it comes in a flat pack and can be put up in just an hour by following the easy to read instructions.

The lumbar provided is plantation grown sustainable Douglas Fir which has the added advantage of giving off a scent that repels insects, which will help prevent your girls being infested by lice.

The solid wood is already stained with a non-toxic, low VOC, weather resistant paint so you can wait a year before a repaint.

Dimensions are as shown in the diagram

spec of chicken coop for 5 hens

and it weighs in at just 81lbs, so is easy to move about by just 2 people.

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Easy Access To All Areas Of This Hen House

easy access to roost areaThe great features of this coop include getting easy access to all the different sections. One complete side of the upper roosting area lifts off using the two sturdy handles.

This allows you to clean out the roosting area without having to bend or stretch, it’s all accessible at waist height.  So you can change bedding in the nesting areas, or complete any maintenance tasks easily.

nesting box accessBut you don’t have to remove this side door for egg collecting as the two nesting boxes (one at each end) have their own lift down door secured with a latch.

You’ll also notice in the image that the downstairs run door also folds down to allow access to the run and to let your chooks out to roam around your garden.

There’s also another drop down door to allow access to the run, this is the solid wooden door at the back. I’d suggest using the backend to keep your feeders and drinkers, not only will you get easy access to them to replenish them, but your feed etc wont get spoiled by rain or wind as it’ll be protected by the roost above and the solid back wall.

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Move This Chicken Coop Around Your Backyard.

portable coop handlesAs you can see in the image, there are 2 stout beams running the length of the coop, which have a formed handle at each end. As the coop only weighs 81lbs it’s very easy for a couple of people to move it around your garden. Chickens love nothing better than foraging around for bugs or grass even weeds will suit their taste.

You can therefore keep your garden under control by moving the coop around every couple of days. You’ll also receive some natural fertiliser from your girls. Another benefit for those that suffer extreme bad winters is the coop can be placed in a sheltered area during cold snaps, to keep your chooks out of harsh conditions.

access ramp to chicken runInside the roosting area is a perch that will take your 5 hens easily and the 2 nesting boxes. The chickens get from the upper roosting area to the lower run via the ramp, which can be raised at night to keep your chooks in and prevent predators climbing up.

Also the 2 nesting areas, (which are adequate for 5 hens as they don’t all lay at the same time) are part sectioned off to allow your hens a bit more peace and quiet whilst they produce your breakfast.

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Is There Anything Wrong With This Coop?

Well there may be one problem, but that depends where you live. If you live in a region that has burrowing predators, then their is one issue. Handcrafted coops state this chicken coop is predator proof, but they haven’t included predators who can burrow and dig under the side to gain access.

But no worries, it’s an easy problem tp solve, just get a sheet of chicken wire from your hardware store and staple it to the bottom of the coop, that will prevent any critters from gaining access.

Another way to prevent burrowers is to fit a mesh skirt not less than 10″ wide sticking out from the bottom of all sides of the run as seen below

wire mesh coop skirt

All in all this is an excellent choice for you and your chooks. this hand-made ark is built with care, designed to last a generation. It offers a healthy home for your chickens – secure from predators and harsh environmental elements. Do yourself and your hens a favor and purchase this coop at a 20% saving now…

>>Click Here To Buy This Coop For Just $799<<

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    I have built my own chicken coop from mostly scrap materials for next to nothing. Am so glad other poultry keepers have so many bits of info on hen houses. It’s all good fun!

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