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Backyard Chicken Coops, Small Or Large?

February 14th, 2011 at 16:17

Chicken Coops For The Backyard.

tractor coop for 3chickensUtilizing a smaller hen house instead of a bigger one is gaining popularity. There are many factors why these types of coops are becoming more popular. One factor is simply because todays hectic, fast paced life styles are better suited for these types of hen houses.

The main reason for obtaining smaller chicken coops is really because they’re not as difficult to keep in a sanitary condition as the larger sized coops are. By having a smaller sized hen house, as soon as the hens are out of  it, the coop may be cleaned out in a shorter timeframe. Generally there won’t be a lot (if any) scrubbing to perform once the coop is washed down using the garden hose pipe.

Save Money With Smaller Chicken Coops.

Expense is one more reason the smaller coop wins out over the larger one. They’re much less costly to set up due to the fact there isn’t the requirement for all of the materials larger chickens coops require in order to construct them.

There’s a lesser amount of timber to be utilized and also a reduced area required for ventilation. A smaller hen house kit can be put together in less than a day as opposed to the period of time it will require to construct a conventional size coop.

small chicken coop pictureDue to their dimensions, smaller chicken houses can be kept in just about any location where they’re permitted. Even a residence with a ‘postage stamp sized’ back yard provides space enough to allow for the presence of a small chicken house. With a smaller hen house, in the event you assemble it in one area of your garden but discover an issue with that location, a smaller coop is easier to maneuver when compared to a larger one.

Small chicken coops are ideal for those that wish to keep pet chickens but don’t have the time or the space to offer to larger coops. Not only are these smaller variations of larger hen houses much easier to keep clean, simpler to maintain any time some thing needs to be fixed, but they also make it less difficult for the keepers to supply water and food for the birds. Plus don’t forget collecting the eggs.

For anyone who would like to have more than several chickens, smaller coops are certainly not a good choice. These types of chicken coops are specifically intended for a maximum of five or six hens. If you’re looking to own hens particularly to generate money from marketing eggs, it’s advisable to opt for the larger chicken coops.

Same Quality & Lifespan For Small Coops.

Smaller coops are made with materials just as robust as the larger coops and are designed to last just as long. The small hen house isn’t an inferior version of the larger chicken coops, but rather a scaled down variation.

The smaller coops function just like the larger types. They provide shelter, a spot to nest as well as security from natural predators. If you’ve always aspired to keep chickens yet believed you’d have to find space for a large henhouse, you’ve now learned you don’t have to.

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